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This coverall suit worn over your clothes can shield you from any penetration of hazardous substances with single wear. It is generally a loose-fitting PPE jumpsuit that covers the entire body except for the head, hands, and feet designed in accordance with local hospital guidelines.

The material for the coverall is SMMS Hydrophobic PP, also known as non-polar materials with a low affinity to water, which makes the jumpsuit durable with water-repellent effect. The wearer can work without worrying any droplets hitting this protective clothing as it will completely rebound and keep you hygienic all the time. Additionally, it may protect you from pollution with lasting dustproof performance.

With the availability of free sizes, the wearer has enough room to move and stretch in addition to its breathable and lightweight features. The elastic seam at the hood opening, sleeves, and leg are designed for extra protection as well as allowing the wearer to easily put on and remove the garment.

As the leading ppe supplier in Malaysia, we believe in providing high quality and MDA certified ppe suit for all healthcare workers. Contact us now for bulk or custom orders!

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  • Disposable Isolation Jumpsuit | SMMS Hydrophobic PP | 42 gsm
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